Lior and Yaron Shelef live in Kibbutz Snir, on the northern border of Israel.

Our parents were among the first people who built the kibbutz in 1967. We were born into this paradise between the Northern Galilee and the Golan Heights. The nature around us fuels our existence, it provides us with power and energy.

Shelefs Trail is our dreams coming true. After traveling around the world, we realized that we wanted to show people the beauty of our own backyard. We want people to enjoy Israel, the same way weve gotten to enjoy seeing other countries and places around the world.

Organized Trips
As a group, we will take you on your magical trip through Israel. Before you arrive, we will make all the necessary arrangements to make your stay and tour as comfortable and easy as possible, including hotels, transportation, food, etc. When you arrive, we will show you the magic of Israel according to a pre-arranged schedule. We will build the best trip possible tailored to the group that will include israels finest, most important and interesting places, which the occasional stop at off-the-beaten path locations for your enjoyment. 
Trips may include national parks, walks/hikes along trails, and the attractions that only Israel has to offer. Let Shelefs Trail plan your trip and take care of the details! Well make your trip worry-free!

Companies Recreations
The ultimate outdoor expirence!
Bring your company for a day of adventures with us!
Whether you want us to hold an outdoor training activity to office moral or just a fun day of adventure, we will tailor the day to your company’s desires!

Come explore all the magic the north has to offer!

Contact info:
lior: 054-7744504
[email protected]
yaron: 054-4343645
[email protected]